Thursday, February 01, 2007

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Well, I made it back to Savannah after my stint in the arctic. It's amazing how quickly you forget what living with seasons is really like. But I managed to enjoy myself.

I got to do some quality time spending with my family

On Monday I went to the Field Museum with my parents. I hadn't been back there since I was in high school I think. We would go there for field trips and have to fill out worksheets. It was the best time to flirt with boys and have an excuse to eat vending machine food on the bus. Ahh... to be young again.
So it went like this...

That's my cute mom
Handsome dad taking photos for reference for some artwork he's doing for Columbia sportswear. (he has his own signature series of shirts coming out in 2008)

this guy reminded me of an American Idol contestant from Seattle

The rest of my visit was spent doing whatever I was told. When I go on these quick trips I am stripped of all my rights as an adult. I have no car and am trapped in plans that I have not made for myself. Not that I really mind that. I had to go to my late- great aunt's apartment with my mom, aunt, and grandmother to distribute the rest of her things. She was a lonely old lady who lived longer than most, and was a virgin. eeeeesh. I had no relationship with her but going through her things enlightened me a little bit. My mom found an album of photos of her from a baby up until her 40's i would say... and only knowing her in the last 23 years of her life put me at a disadvantage. There was so much life in those pictures. It's unfair of me to assume that this woman had no life. The photos were incredible, the style she had was so unexpected. She rarely smiled but part of me wants to think it was her schtick. Anyway, here are the views from her building, this is a couple floors above her place, in my grandmothers apartment.

Good ole Lake Michigan...
Hopefully I will get my hands on some of those photos to share with the world. Until then I am going to be diligently working retail and on more pieces for the show.