Thursday, August 30, 2007

so long summer

well, finally... i'm a bit of a noodle and i had totally forgotten my password to this blog. so i avoided it. plus i've been on the road and finally have time to dedicate to blogging. so here goes. this summer has been pretty epic. this illustration academy kicked it off and put me on a good roll for the rest of the season. since then i've gotten work from Time Out Chicago and have a good list of new projects piling up. I'm going to work on some illustrations for a friends feature film... and i've been making some new things... magnets actually:
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but i took some time off and i hit the road with my boo. he picked me up in chicago and we headed west. he moved to los angeles, you see... and its left me in a pickle. but our trip was epic. we made it in good time and had a good last week together.
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now i just have to figure out how much longer to stay in savannah and where to go from there. i'm thinking san francisco or possibly LA, but it scares me.