Saturday, September 30, 2006

Bum Drinking Starbucks

These are my fellow illustrators. View their sites and don't look back:

benji williams

britt spencer

matty fitzgerald

that will have to do for now...

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

spreading like wildfire

I sold a bunch of these:
and hopefully will be making a bunch more for a show in San Francisco with Artemis!

these are my daily readings:
oh joy
lena corwin
keri smith
five and a half
love made visible

and a great music blog
gorilla vs bear

dear sister

this is a shout out to my big sis... happy birfday

graham crackers and milk

My time in Savannah is limited to one more year. Although it will probably be less. During school I always wished I had the energy to experiment with new techniques and be more deliberate with my approach to my work. So now, I'm making up for lost time I suppose.

this is more or less what my days consist of:

a) first and foremost, I walk Louie,(brown) and Calhoun (black/short)

dog park

b) always and forever

c) my nook, i hardly leave this room, unless its to go to the kitchen

Monday, September 25, 2006

It's about that time...

in the more recent days, i've been back to the drawing board. I let myself have the summer off... and although its still 90 degrees here with no signs of leaves changing, the honeymoon is over...

fall begins without the smell of pencil shavings and sandwiches...

i've finally gotten over complaining about my work and actually started experimenting again. it hasn't been pretty but it's a start. Someone told me that these shapeless days are crucial to this transition from school/life to life/life. I believe it. I've finally stopped waiting for my friends to get off from their nine-to-fives and indulge in happy hour which i never deserved.