Tuesday, April 24, 2007

omg its been a while

since this thing, this blog, is an attempt to abbreviate what happens in my life, i figure its ok to use things like "omg" in the title.
so right, the last time we met i had just gotten back from LA. a lot has happened since then and i kind of don't know where to begin. how about backwards?
as of this very moment, i am heading to american apparel where i have worked for 7 months. in my book, thats kind of the longest job i've ever held down. nevertheless, i'm going into work today a little more relieved that usual because i know my time is limited. as much fun as working retail with a bunch of friends has been, its time to move forward. i've been thinking a lot about how i've been worrying about missing out on life as i know it, in savannah. god forbid i make a life for myself somewhere else. an oppurtunity came up which i was apprehensive to address... my dad suggested that I apply to the illustration academy. it's an elite gathering of some of the most talented illustrators in the world that formed a 2 month school for people who like to draw pictures. I really just didn't think it would be possible for me to uproot my life in the amount of time because it starts at the end of May. How could I possibly leave everything so quickly!

Well, now its more of a matter of how to get all my shit in boxes fast enough. I applied and got accepted which feels like a great accomplishment already because they only accept 65 people. I don't know what its going to be like, who is going to be there, but I know I will be drawing for a majority of everyday. Something inside of me just snapped out of the haze and realized its ok to leave something great behind.
Now to back track a little... I had a piece published in Time Out Chicago recently:

It was for an article about people who worry too much. I got to work with a friend in the art department and I cranked out the work overnight right before I hopped on a plane to go to Costa Rica with my dad. We had a ridiculously great time catching sailfish and soaking up the sun. I caught my very first sailfish on a fly:

This experience, i wouldn't say was the cause of a very impulsive act i performed after I returned, but it more so, solidified my commitment to the action. I got a tattoo of an illustration my dad had done in 1991 which I later and happily discovered my mom had collaborated on.

i apologize for the photobooth pic... i sometimes find them overly indulgent. but its useful for this purpose....
I kept having dreams or nightmares more or less about what my parents were going to say when they saw it... Luckily, it went over well... I think the initial shock has warn off and they have gathered themselves and settled with the idea that i'm THAT daughter... with the tattoo...
More soon...