Sunday, March 04, 2007

Left Coast Adventures

MMMMk... I'm firmly planting myself back in Savannah, for the next few weeks at least. I've had enough of this traveling bidness for a while. My jetsetting tour ended officially today. I had the longest shortest trip out to California for the "Fully Blown" group illustration show.

It turned out to be worth it though. I had some predictable anxiety about traveling with my parents and had a few embarassing "Mom! Stop!" moments... but the show itself went smashingly. It was a good feeling to go somewhere foreign and feel connected to people through the work on the walls. I was really impressed with most of it. Forgive me, i don't know who did what... but here are a few snaps I got:

one of my favorites

Not only did it feel good to have my parents there, but Abbe, my hetero-life partner took the trek to Riverside, CA. We've been seperated against our will for the past 7 months, but it was as if no time had passed.

I met a few choice people who I hope to communicate more with on future projects. Rusty put the whole show together and had some stellar work right next to mine. Breanne was a sweet bird that has a printing company out in Portland that I will hopefully team up with in the future. It was good motivation and I've got some ideas in the vault that will hopefully materialize sooner than later.

here's me in my corner:

someone else in my corner:

i barely have the energy to explain the bullshit we went through to get back east. but know that my ass is dragging.