Saturday, December 22, 2007

'tis the season

hey y'all...
well i had postponed putting this image up for fear that i would spoil the surprise but this season i haven't been able to keep anything a secret. my dad sort of challenged me to do a piece of artwork for him for the holidays... and i don't really think he expected me to do it. (we both have a classic case of fear of failure and procrastination)... but i did a portrait of my great grandmother (his grandmother), in the technique i learned from Chris Payne this summer at the Illustration Academy
so here it is, poorly photographed, but its all i have at the moment...

also, i've been busy making some more winestoppers for friends to give as gifts. its been a lot of fun and i hope to keep it up. Photobucket

other than that, my life has been dedicated to building my nest in chicago. it seems to be shaping up nicely.

once i get back i'm going to get busy and start drawing more and planning a theme for a show, possibly. but in the more immediate future i will be in a frenzy producing my first collaborative project with my hetero-life partner Abbe Ertel Jr
We're putting together a zine called "Freckles Without Faces".
Keep your eye out for it in early 2008.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

lets talk about seperation anxiety shall we?

here is a relic from my deep and sordid past. it was a dark and gloomy mother's day and i was overcome with such a great fear of abandonment that i couldn't even finish spelling words properly. i just thought this might enlighten you as far as knowing me as an adult...
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Friday, December 07, 2007

//i'm cold

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the very first thing i did today was stick my finger in louie's poop, when i was picking it up... IT WAS AN ACCIDENT... and i made the mistake of trying to get it off with snow, and i ended up making a pinkie poop popsicle. its almost ok to start your day like that, because it can only go up from there...

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really, it was a fine day. i battled traffic and the weather to make it into the city to go to the apple store to find that they no longer make the power cord to my powerbook that isn't even that old... bah! planned obsolescence... on to more important things... i have some current international press in a Canadian magazine called Maisonneuve. I don't know where you can get it in the states, but this is what it looks like in print y'all...

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and i also was commissioned to come up with a design for the Sidewalk Arts Festival 2008. i don't know if its been chosen yet, but i was glad i got to submit something. i had to abandon the project because it came up right before i moved, but luckily i got an extension. i'm happy with how it came out, which rarely happens.

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i like life here so far. its still strange because i'm trying to shape my days... i'm dedicating a lot of time to making presents and being a diligent housewife to myself. other than that i drink a lot of coffee and watch too much tv with my sister. i try to remind louie that we are so lucky. it would be so much better if i could eat some of cameron's curry while danny tries to poke inappropriate places on people with christian nuzzling opal with his face, with lauren and martha playing music on the couch, in my house...talking about everyone that we love on both coasts and how famous molly is going to be, while we get ready to go see chelsea and hayden and angelina at an unsolved mysteries show... piece that together however you feel. i love you people...