Monday, March 24, 2008

I don't care what the calendar says

it's not spring if its snowing...

Between crossing my fingers for a sunny day and pinning sheets up over my windows to keep out the grey days, i've been working on some little projects.
a) making new winestoppers and magnets, keep your eyes peeled, i'll post photos when the time comes
b) bulking up the promotional material for the new season
c) working on some prelims for a children's book
d) hope to be in a show or two in the upcoming months

here are some links that i check on the daily, some good creative folks:
jesse brown
my flatmates stephen eichhorn and jessica paulson
cody hudson

if you're on flickr, you know, you can see some more photos on my flickr

guh, i'm off to see my family down south this week and when i return lots of things will be starting. the day i get back i start a wheel throwing class and in early april is the beginning of my pastry education (!!!) i got my kit and it weighs upwards of 30 lbs but its chalk full of fun tools. i'm terrified but horribly excited. if there's one thing i know how to do, its take notes. i ordered  my third sketchbook from Judy Lee over at five and a half. I got the "Let Them Eat Cake" book that i hope to fill with notes and doodles of lots of yummy things.

 thats all for now i guess...

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Doug Chayka said...

Hey Courtney, these heads are a lot of fun. Good luck with the pastries and with your book project!