Wednesday, March 05, 2008


oh hi, so i know its been a while. its hard for me to gather all the things that are going on at the moment. but as of late here is what i have on my plate:

a) working on self promotion. i plan on going out to visit some beloveds on the west coast and pepper the LA area with promotional cards, just to see if that helps bring in more biz. i've really been enjoying being a part of the group show circuit and i need to be more proactive about being involved.

b) a friend of mine wrote a childrens book a while ago and i am just putting it all into motion at the moment. planning it takes a lot of time... whole process will be long, but i feel fit to tackle it now. i think thats why i put it off for so long

c) uh i'm starting my baking and pastry program at Kendall College in april... I am so excited and slightly terrified but these people give me hope Eugene and Louise Bakery they are illustrators/bakers based out of Belgium, that i stumbled upon. i see lots of marzipan mishaps in my future.

d) i had pretty much the worst monday of my life this week, but it was balanced out by an interesting request from a friend of a friend who is an art director in chicago. he asked if i could do a rough sketch for a new campaign for a certain McCorporation. since i was distracted by my increasingly bad morning, i pumped this out:

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Andrew R. Wright said...

I laughed for a good long time at the "thoughts and feelings" notepad. I have no idea why...but I did. Don't judge me.

Courtney its been awhile. How have you been?